... to European Football League Online.
We hope you enjoy playing.

How To Join
New managers/players can apply to join the forum and then submit a message with a team they wish to manage, they can check out
the available jobs thread on the forum or alternatively send a PM to Dazoctaron.

There will be at least one league match every game week and a midweek match, usually a cup match for teams that are eligible,
with matches being played on Saturdays and Wednesdays.
Teamsheet dealines will be 8pm UK time unless otherwise notified.

The league consists of 4 divisions with 14 teams in each division.

ELITE LEAGUE (Top Division)
Contains 14 teams and is the top division within the EFLO league structure.
The top 4 teams will qualify for the World Club Trophy with the bottom 2 teams relegating to the division below and
the team finishing 12th will enter the playoffs with teams from the Adidas Division to retain their place in the top division..
This division has 14 teams in it.
The top 2 teams in this division will gain promotion to the Elite Division and will also qualify for the World Club Trophy.
The teams finishing in 3rd, 4th and 5th (along with the team finishing 12th in the Elite Division) will then enter the playoffs
to detemine who will take their place in the Elite Division for next season.
The bottom 4 teams will relegate to the bottom tier of the league structure..
These 2 divisions will contain 14 teams in each division.
They will be split into North (Nike) and South (Umbro) divisions.
The top team in each division is automatically promoted to the Adidas division and qualify for the World Club Trophy.
The teams finishing 2nd,3rd, 4th and 5th in each division will enter playoffs to determine which 2 teams will also be promoted.
The winning playoff teams will also participate in the World Club Trophy the following season.

The bottom 2 teams in each division will be relegated and replaced by new teams for the following season.
The teams finishing in 10th place in the league may also be replaced but this is at the descretion of the admin
for that league who will decide if the team is replaced or not..

Teams may switch divisions within a tier if a relegated/promoted team is more suited to a certain division.
All playoffs are played in the following format:
Matches are 2 legs with away goals counting if there is an aggregate draw over the two 90 minutes.
Extra-time and penalties will be used to decide a winner if it is needed.


|                             |

We have 6 Cup competitions so plenty for manager's to play for in the league season.
The cup is a straight knockout competition that includes 8 teams from outside of EFLO (Others on the forum).
This competition will be seeded based on the previous season's league positions and all rounds will be a single tie
with penalties being used to decide the winners if necessary.
The semi finals and final will be played at a neutral venue.
The winners will qualify for the World Club Trophy.
This is a competition for all 56 clubs in the EFLO league.
The 8 top ranked clubs participating in the World Club Trophy will automatically recive a bye into the second round.
All rounds will be drawn at random with the final being played at a neutral venue.
The first three rounds will be played over 2 legs and penalties used to decide ties if necessary.
Matches from the quarter finals onwards will be single tie matches played at a neutral venue.
The winners will qualify for the World Club Trophy.
This is re-vamp of the original trophy from season 1 and will involve all teams that have not qualified for the World Club Trophy.
The first round will a round-robin group format.
The winners and the runners-up from each group will then qualify for the knockout stages and play down until one team is the winner.
The winners from one group will play the runners-up from another group in the next round.
The knockout rounds will be played over 2 legs with penalties being used if the aggregate scores are level.
The semi finals and final will be single ties played at a neutral venue.
The winners will qualify for the World Club Trophy.
TThis is competition for the best teams from around the world.
The teams taking part will be made up as follows:
The top 4 teams in the Elite Division.  The 2 teams finishing first and second in the Adidas Division.
The 2 cup winners and the 4 promoted teams from the Nike and Umbro Divisions.
If the cup winners have already qualified due to their league position then their place will go to the cup runners-up or the next best
placed team in the Elite Division, in that order, if they haven't already qualified. The previous season's winners will also qualify if they haven't already.
Teams from South America, Central America, North America, Africa and Asia will then make up the rest of the teams competing.
The 32 teams will be drawn into 8 groups of 4 teams.
The Elite and Adidas qualified teams will be separated into each group with 1 from the cup winners and Nike/Umbro qualifiers added to each group.
The other teams in each group will be drawn from the remaining Rest Of The World teams and play each
other home and away (6 games each) with the top two teams teams from each group qualifying for the knockout stages.
All knockout games (apart from the final) will played over 2 legs with away goals counting if the scores are level after 90 minutes
and if necessary penalties to decide a winner.
The final is one off game at a neutral venue utilising extra-time and penalties if required.

Your club roster shows the players currently in your squad and their individual skills.
The roster is normally ordered from goalkeepers down to forwards and each will be in order from highest skill to lowest.
eg: The best defender (Tk) will at the top and the best midfielder (Ps) will be listed first after ALL of the defenders.

We will now go onto explain what the stats mean for each player:-.

Name Age Nat Prs St Tk Ps Sh Sm Ag Kab Tab Pab Sab Gam Sav Ktk Kps Sht Gls Ass DP Inj Sus Fit
Harry_Kane 26
eng C 1 2
8 31
51 23 100 401 652 846 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 100

Name = the players Name, not advised to use more than 12 letters. (' is used to shorten names)
Age = the players age, different ages get different bonuses - check out the End of Season Re-Rates
Nat = Nationality of player. (por = Portugal)
St = Shot Stopping, a skill for goalkeepers only
Tk = Tackling skill, how well player tackles important for defensive players
Ps = Passing skill, how well the player passes important for midfielders
Sh = Shooting skill, how well the player shoots important for attacking players
Sm = Stamina, Players with high rating get tired less quickly.
Ag = Aggression. The aggression factor decides how competitive the player is. If you like a hard tackling team
then you want players with high ag but be careful as they are prone to bookings and being sent off.
Kab = Keeper Ability Points
Tab = Tackling Ability Points
Pab = Passing Ability Points
Sab = Shooting Ability Points
Gam = Number of games played
Sav = Amount of saves the player has made
Ktk = Amount of key tackles the player has made
Kps = Amount of key passes the player has made
Sht = How many shots the player has made
Gls = Amount of goals scored by the player
Ass = Amount of assists the player has made
DP = Amount of Disciplinary points gained, this can involve suspensions
Inj = Amount of weeks that the player is injured and missing games
Sus = Amount of weeks the player is suspended
Fit = Current fitness level of the player rated between 1-100

The ability points are very important in your roster these are a reflection on how your
players develop their skills and how they are progressing through the season.
These can also be trained explained later in the rules (see facilities).
The points are judged between 1-999 and as games are played your players earn ability points for
individual performances (gained with shots, tackles, passes etc.)
When these ability point fields reach 1000 your player gains an extra point in their skill field (tackling, passing, shooting etc...)
When you reach 1000 in the Kab field, your player gains 1 point on his St (Shot Stopping) column.
When you reach 1000 in the Tab field, your player gains 1 point on his Tk (Tackling) column.
When you reach 1000 in the Pab field, your player gains 1 point on his Ps (Passing) column.
When you reach 1000 in the Sab field, your player gains 1 point on his Sh (Shooting) column.

Because 16 players are needed in order to participate in a game it is recommended that you maintain at least
19/20 players in your squad and your squad MUST always contain at least 2 goalkeepers.
Players have preferred sides (eg. R = Right, C = Centre and L = Left)
and whilst players can be play anywhere they will perform best when played on their preferred side.
Players can have more than one preference.
Ben_Davies for example has LC listed as his preference which means he prefers to play on the left or in the centre,
whereas Erik_Lamela (RL) prefers to play out wide rather than in the middle.
Any player can play on any side of the field but they will perform better when playing in their correct position,
the game engine will recognise this and will give better balance to your team.
Example: DML = Defensive Midfielder playing on the left side, FWC = Centre Forward

If at any point a team is unable to field 16 players for a game then they will receive a 5-0 loss for that game and a £5 million pound fine.

At the start of each season you will be able to select a player to be your captain and a player to be your vice captain.
These players CANNOT be sold and will receive bonus abs to their main stat during the period that they are captain/vice-captain.
The captain will receive a 600 abs bonus and the vice-captain will receive 300 abs.
These abs are removed when they are no longer captain/vice-captain and at the end of every season before a reset is done in preparation for the new season.
Players can rise in skill by having these abs applied but will drop back down again if their abs drop below 1000 when these abs are removed.
eg: A player who is captain has a Ps of 14 and a Pab of 424.
Once they are no longer captain their Pab will drop below 1000 and become 924 meaning that their Ps will drop to 13.
Captains and vice captains CANNOT receive training that other players can (see training)
Captains and vice-captains will be indicated on your squad list by their nationality displayed in capital letters.

At various points in the season and anytime during pre-season you will have the opportunity to train
some of your players in order to increase their abilities and/or skills.
Only secondary abilities/skills can be trained in this way and any team can do this in pre-season but depending on
your training facilitiesyou may have the opportunity to do so during the season.
Goalkeepers cannot train secondary skills.
The training cost will be as follows:
Secondary skill below 14 and:
Players aged 21 and under £200,000 per 100 abs
Players aged 32-35 £100,000 per 100 abs
Players aged 22-31 £150,000 per 100 abs
Secodary skills are 14 and above:
Players aged 21 and under £300,000 per 100 abs
Players aged 32-35 £150,000 per 100 abs
Players aged 22-31 £250,000 per 100 abs
No player can have more than 2000 abs added through training and no abs can be added to the player's main skill.
Secondary skills can only be raised to within 2 of the players main stat (eg. main stat is 26 the secondary can never go above 24)
and only enough abs to achieve this. (eg: abs are 101 then only 1900 abs can be added, not 2000)
Clubs can spend a maximum of £8,000,000 on training during a training period.
Please note: Captains and vice captains CANNOT be trained in this way and players
that have been trained will be ineligible to be made captain or vice captain.

Training a new position (sides)
It may also be possible for a player to be trained to play on a different side of the field.
To train a player to a new side requires a one-off fee per side trained. Players will usually be trained one postion across from their current.
For example a right sided player will train centre to become a RC but a central player could train either R or L in this way.
If you wish to train a player from a R to become a RL (or a L to become a RL) then the fee would be doubled in order for the training to take place.
Once training is underway the player will be unavailable for a period of 4 games and will be marked as suspended on the squad list.
The amount that needs to paid as a fee is £1,000,000 per main skill of the player being trained for the first session and £2,000,000 for the second session.
Clubs have a maximum of 2 side training sessions per season and they can only be used 1 at a time.
Eg: A midfielder with a passing skill of 25 would cost £25,000,000 to train for the first time and £50,000,000 to train a second time.


Young players get better through games and training, whilst older players tend to drop in skill as they get older.
To reflect this there are end of season re-rates for players of certain ages.
There is a minimum gain or loss but this can be altered dependent on how the player has performed during the season.
The following are the bonuses/reductions at the end of the season:

AGE Stabs Tkabs Others Psabs Others Shabs Others
16-17 +400 +400 +200 +400 +200 +400 +200
18-19 +300 +300 +150 +300 +150 +300 +150
20 +200 +200 +100 +200 +100 +200 +100
21 +100 +100 +50 +100 +50 +100 +50
32   -50   -50   -50  
33 -50 -100 -50 -100 -50 -100 -500
34 -100 -100 -50 -100 -50 -100 -50
35 -200 -200 -100 -200 -100 -200 -100
36 -300 -300 -150 -300 -150 -300 -150
37 -400 -500 -250 -500 -250 -500 -250
38+ -500          

Players will age once per year or every other season.
Goalkeepers will retire once they reach 40 years old and outfield players will reitre once they reach 38 years old.
So if a goalkeeper is 39 and he is due to reach 40 during the aging process pre-season he will retire at the end of that season.
The same applies to an outfield player who will reach 38 during pre-season.
Currently aging takes place AFTER every even numbered season. IE: 2,4,6,8 etc.

Playing games is one of the major elements of EFLO and the way this is done is by the use of team sheets.
Using the teamsheet is the managers way of communicating his team selection, formation, tactics and substitutes to the match runner.

This is where the action is as manager of your club,  your team sheet is the selection of players, formation
and tactics you make for each game along with a set of instructions for your players to follow in certain situations.
Your teamsheet should be in a notepad file with the .txt format and can be emailed in,
but most managers send pasted teamsheets in a forum message to the relevant administrator of the league.
Teamsheet deadline is 9pm UK time on Thursdays and Sundays.

// the team's 3 letter abbreviation is aft - meaning its roster is aft.txt


// start playing the game P - passing

// The opening squad: the formation is 4-3-1-2, note the side balance
// of players

GK T_Edua
DFL J_Balboa
DFC B_Ekse
DFC X_Solatti
DFR PJ_Plant
MFL I_Gustavson
MFR M_Fowler
MFC Morinho
AMC F_Longfellow
FWL M_Ecuarti

// The subs

GK W_Pfarcec
DFC T_Vittorio
MFC D_Rombart
FWL F_Iksandr

// Primary penalty taker

PK: I_Edo // Orders

// Change tired for fresh players on the 70th minute
SUB 9 12 DFC IF MIN = 70
SUB 7 14 MFC IF MIN = 70

// Change the worst DFC to play as MFC if we're not winning after the 50th minute

// The following 3 orders happen if the team is losing somewhere after the 65th minute.
// It's an obviously offensive scenario: the tactic will change to Attacking, we'll move
// a player up front from AMC to FWC and bring in another AMC instead of a MFC
SUB 8 15 AMC IF MIN >= 65, SCORE < 0

GK = Goalkeeper
DF = Defender
DM = Defensive Midfielder
MF = Midfielder
AM = Attacking Midfielder
FW = Forward
The first 11 players are the starting 11, the next 5 are the substitutes.

Player Sides
R = Right  L = Left and C = Centre, very important to get a balanced formation.

Sample Orders
To make things clearer, here are some sample orders with explanations:
TACTIC A IF MIN >= 45, SCORE =< -1
Tells the program to change the tactic to attacking if it is later than the 45th minute
and your team is losing by one or more goals.
TACTIC A IF MIN => 45, SCORE =< -1, SCORE > -4
Tells the program to change the tactic to attacking if it is later than the 45th minute and your
team is losing by one or more, but less than 4 goals.
Changes the position of J_Doe to MFC if it's earlier than the 20th minute and your team leads by one goal or more.
SUB MFC 12 DFC IF MIN = 60, SCORE => 1
Substitutes the worst MFC of your team for player 12 (that will play DFC) if you
are leading by one goal or more on the 60th minute.
Changes the position of the worst FWC of your team to MFC if some MFC got a red card after the 50th minute.
If player J Balboa is injured he is replaced with defender from the bench.

Your tactics will decide how your team will play and how your players will use the skills at their disposal.
The earlier example used the P tactic, but you can choose from 7 different options.
Additionally, each tactic enjoys a bonus against other tactics, but suffers a disadvantage against different tactics.
Managers will try to predict the tactics employed by their opposing manager,
and counter these in order to try and dominate the match.
This gives a weaker team a fighting chance against a stronger team.
In "Champions of EuropePBEM" we have made some changes to typical tactics used in other ESMS management games.

The options are:-

N- Wingers European, Sanction & Attacking
L- Long Ball Counter Attack, Sanction & Normal
P- Passing
Long Ball & Normal
C- Counter Attack
Passing & Attacking
A- Attacking
Defensive & European
D- Defensive
Long Ball & Passing
E- European
Counter Attack & Defensive
S- Sanction
Counter Attack & Defensive

NB:    Wingers - (Side forgets defending and just focuses on attacking therefore you need to
play with 1 or 2 DM's with good defense skills to cover wingbacks pushing forward)
   Sanction - (Side plays more like the Barcelona, short intricate passing trying to control the ball and maintain possession)

In the tactics.dat file we have made adjustments to how the tactics are played with the game engine.

FORMATIONS - Maximum and Minimum Positions
There are five different positions used in ESMS, to give each team a different set of formation abilities.
Apart from the Goalkeeper, your outfield players can play in defence, defensive midfield, midfield, attacking midfield forward.
Each position uses the player’s skills in different ways, but the way they are used is
self-explanatory and you can relate to real life on where and how your player will play.
We have made changes different to other games to give managers more variety in formations and more tactical thinking.
The following boundaries need to be met by all clubs when picking their teams for the games.

DF 3
DM 0 3
MF 2
AM 0 3
FW 0 3

The midfield total of 6 includes DM, MF and AM positions and must not exceed 6 across all 3 positions.

If a manager submits a teamsheet that contains more than 3 errors (other than during a trial period) then the team will use
a SET SHEET and lose home advantage if they are playing at home.
In the case of a 1st missed sheet your second choice keeper will be selected with the set sheet.
Once a 3rd sheet is missed a set sheet will be used with a complete team of reserve players.
This means that your team will play a set formation with an N tactic and no extra instructions, putting them at a distinct disadvantage.
Set sheets for errors will mean the team plays at 90% of their ability.
A set sheet for not sheeting will mean the team plays at 70% of their ability.
If a manager misses 3 teamsheets in a row then they will be sacked as manager.

Please make sure that you do not select players that are injured or suspended in your teamsheet.  This will cause an error to be recorded.

A set sheet is a sheet used in the case of a manager not sheeting or making more than 3 errors in a sheet.
The manager will choose a formation at the start of the season for the set sheet and this cannot be changed.
ALL set sheets will use the N tactic and have extra penalties depending on the offence committed.
Set sheet formations can be selected from 5-3-2, 3-5-2, 4-4-2, 4-5-1 and 4-3-3.

Before you create your teamsheet you should consider checking out your opponent.
This can be done by going on forum and checking out the last matchday report.
Once you know who your next opponent is you can click the match reports link to view match reports for previous matches.
You can also look at your opponent’s roster to see what players are available for selection from their club page.
These pieces of information may help you to predict what team and tactics your opponent may play.
Your managerial experience is then needed to decide whether to try and counter their
playing style and formation or stick with your favoured tactics and formation.
Once you have created and submitted your teamsheet to the admin team the games will be run by one of our match runners.
As the matches are simmed in the free time of the match runners, games are posted as and when the admin staff can do so.
This could be any time during the 24 hours following the teamsheet deadline but are usually available within a couple of hours.

Once the games have been simmed the admin member will post a “Post Match Reaction”
thread on the forum to indicate the match reports are viewable on the website.
Simply click the “Match Reports” link followed by the round you wish to view.
The main website will be updated with the league tables, key statistics
like scorers, passers etc....matchday and any headlines news.

These should be checked on your roster to ensure you do not pick players who are unavailable for selection.

Unmanaged clubs will have teamsheets submitted for them by the Admin team.
They will deploy a random formation and play with a random tactic but will not employ any additional instructions.
All functions of an unmanaged teams will be monitored by the Admin team.
This includes fielding any bids for their players, updating facilities if needed and ensuring that they have enough players to fullfill their fixtures.

Every month each league will award a manager the title of Manager Of The Month.
The manager will receive 500 abs to distribute amoungst his squad.
He can award these abs in blocks of 10 to any player in his squad and even give all 500 to a single player if he wishes.
These abs can also be added to a players main skill.

There will be clubs within the leagues without managers and under the control of the Admin team.
These teams are eligible for managers to become 'caretakers' in addition to managing their own teams.
Caretakers cannot manage 2 teams in the same league and if promotion/relegation would place them in the same division then the manager
must either relinquish control of the caretaken team or in the case of promotion defer the promotion to another eligible team.
If relegation would place both teams in the same league and the caretaker wishes to remain then BOTH teams will be relegated.
If for any reason, a cup tie perhaps, both teams should meet then the caretaken team will be given a random sheet for the game.
Caretakers have the same powers as normal managers but winning at all costs should not be their aim.
Caretakers should avoid going into debt, missing teamsheets, signing players over 33 years old even if the
player would be the best at the club and maintaining large squads.
The aim of the caretaker should be to make the club attractive for a manager to take over.
This means updating the clubs facilities, lowering the average player age and making the club run at a profit, whilst still being able to compete.
If you wish to become a caretaker of a club then simply send a message to the relevent Admin who will consider your application and get back to you.

If caretaker clubs can achieve the above each month they will be rewarded with a cash boost of £10,000,000 every month.

Managers (permanent and caretaker) will only be allowed to move cubs once per season and only if it is approved by admin.
Once a manager has moved clubs he will NOT be able to sign players from his previous club for a minimum of 4 weeks,
unless a new manager is appointed within this period and will mean the transfer ban will expire.
Offers for the vacated team's players will not be considered for a minimum of 1 week to a manager leaving.
This is to prevent the poaching of players and the weakening of the previous club.
The exception to this will be if a mananger moves during the offseason, in which case they are free to buy and sell immediately,
although the 4 week rule for their previous club will still be enforced.
The only way a manager can move more than once a season is if he is asked by admin to manage a currently unmanaged team.
The manager is free to accept or decline this offer but if the offer is accepted the transfer ban rules above will NOT be applied.
When a new manager is appointed at any club he has the right to cancel any pending transfers that were agreed if the club was previously unmanaged.
Any deals that were struck by a previous active manager though CANNOT be cancelled.

Transfers play a huge part in the game.  There are guide prices for players but every manager will have a different idea of the value of players.
Managers are free to negotiate transfers between teams but the final approval for a transfer will be made by Admin who will process the transfer if everything is ok.
If you wish to negotiate a transfer (buying or selling) with an unmanaged club then a message must be sent to the relevent Admin for the unmanaged team's league. Unmanaged teams will not sell players aged 18 or below and will not sell players on the cheap.
Players themselves may also have demands for the transfer to go through.
Various factors can influence player values but here is guide to prices.
A 25 rated player is worth £50,000,000 and for every point above 23 the price rises expediently.

Here is a guide for market prices on players based on rating,
to help make sure manager's are not losing out on potential revenue:-


How To Complete A Transfer
As already stated this is just a rough guide as things like age, secondaries and even position could influence the value of the player
and managers themselves may value a certain player higher for their own reasons.

Teams are free to indulge in transfers up until midnight on the Friday before league match 22/23 when the transfer window will shut for the season.
After this date no transfers will be allowed, including recalling players out on loan.
The only exception is if a team has all of it's goalkeepers out injured or suspended, in which case they will be allowed to sign a replacement on loan.
Transfers will need to be posted on the forum and both managers will need to agree the transfer.
One manager should post the transfer with the other manager then replying to the post with the words '(Team) agree'.
Obviously the (Team) bit is the team name involved in the transfer.
Transfers should be posted with the teams as the title and the transfer as the post (as below)

(TITLE) toh >> laz (Or Tottenham >> Lazio)

(POST) Lazio buy E_Dier from Tottenham for £55,000,000

Lazio agree

The free market is a place where unattached, released or new players are listed for teams to buy.
There will be a range of skills and ages on the list and most players released by clubs will be added to the list.

Buying from the free market
To buy a player form the list you will need to PM the transfer admin with your offer using the subject FREE PURCHASE and stating which player you would like to buy and the amount you are offering.  Please include the player's stats when sending your PM as that will speed up the process.  The minimum amount you can offer for the player is his basic value (as above) but the more offered the greater chance that the transfer will be accepted, especially if the player has decent secondary skills or is under the age of 22.  It is unlikely that players under 31 will sell for their basic value so please consider that when making offers. The admin will PM a reply informing you whether the bid is acceptable or not and may even suggest an amount in order for the transfer to be accepted.  Once accepted then the transfer will need to be posted on the forum within 7 days in a similar format to that of a transfer between two teams but instead of a team name the manager should use fre or FREE.
** Please note that you must have money available at the time of posting the purchase.  You CANNOT go into debt by any amount purchasing a player from the free list. **

fre >> toh (or FREE >> Tottenham)

Tottenham buy J_Stoneman from the free market for £40,000,000

Selling to the free market
Clubs are able to sell players to the free market providing that they are aged over 21 and are rated 28 or less in their main skill.
(30 for goalkeepers)
A maximum of four players at any one time can be sold in this way.
To sell a player the manager needs to send a PM to the transfer admin with the player stats
(as they appear on the squad sheet) included and the admin will reply with a value for player.
The manager must then post the player(s), complete with stats, in the appropriate section of the forum with a price that you were quoted by admin.
The price that a player can be sold for in the free market (unless other managers are willing to pay more)
is his basic value minus 30% and then adding £250,000 for every secondary skill that he has.
Players aged 32 or over will have their value reduced by £500,000 for every year of their age. (Eg: 32 you will lose £16,000,000).
This value is calculated for you by the transfer admin but managers may want to know how the price is reached for themselves.
If you wish to purchase a player that is listed on the free market then please post in the free market thread which player you are after and the price you are offering.  The price must be at least £500,000 more than his list price and will start an 'auction' unless the player has been transfer listed
for more than 7 days, in which case the selling manager will have a say on the price of the player.
If nobody beats the price for 24 hours then the player is yours. Alternatively contact the selling manager direct and make offer for the player.

F_Simmonds    27 sco   C  1  5 24  3 38 27 100 594 762 651 would have a maximum price of: £30,000,000

( Basic: £40m - 30% (£12m) = £28m + 5x £250,000 (£1.25m) and 3x £250,000 (7500k) )

toh >> fre (Or Tottenham >> FREE)

Tottenham sell F_Simmonds to the free market for £30 million

Loaning Players
Clubs are able to loan players from other clubs and there is no rating limit for any division.
Managers can only loan a maximum of 2 players from any one club and they must not play in the same position, so you cannot loan two defenders for example.
There is also a limit of 6 players allowed on loan at any one club and clubs are limited to sending 6 players out on loan.
(An extra loan OUT slot can be purchased for £15m if clubs wish to do this)
Any conditions attatched to the loan are negotiated between the managers and admin will not police these conditions.
The loaning manager is able to recall the loaned player at any time as long as he has been at the loaning club for at least 3 weeks
but must inform the manager loaning the player beforehand.
If conditions have been agreed then it is in the interest of the loaning manager to uphold these conditions if they wish to loan players in the future.
Loan transfers need to be posted on the forum in the same format as permanent transfers but
instead of an amount use the word LOAN (or LOAN RECALL if recalling a player).
No fee can be charged for the loan and the team loaning the player will have to pay the player's wages in full while he is at the club.
Caretaker clubs are able to loan players from the same managers main club provided that the player is NOT a first team
player at the main club and WILL be a first team player at the caretaken club.
Only 2 such loans will be allowed between the teams but this is in addition to the usual 6 player loan limit.


toh >> ata (Or Tottenham >> Atalanta)

Atalanta loan E_Dier from Tottenham  LOAN


ata >> toh (Or Atalanta >> Tottenham)

Tottenham recall E_Dier from Atalanta  LOAN RECALL

Managers will be able to pay a fee to send a scout to look for a suitable player to sign for their team.
Only scouts of an appropriate level will be able to scout better players and these scouts will cost more money to send on a scouting mission.
Once you have decided the level of player that you require and paid the scout his fee he will return within
3 days and produce a short list of 3 players that meet your requirements and the cost to sign each one.
The scouting fee is a one off payment and is paid whether the manager decides to purchase any of the players or not and is not refundable.
To send out a scout the manager would need to PM the admin team stating which position(s) that they would like to scout.
A maximum of 2 positions can be scouted at the same time but only one can be scouted if that is the managers preference.
The scout's report is valid for 2 weeks and teams can send out a maximum of 2 scouts throughout the season,
whether players are signed or not and only one player aged 21 or under can be signed from scouting in any one season.
The cost of a basic scout is £2,000,000.  If a keeper is scouted then his secondaries are set at 1 and extra secondaries cannot be purchased for a keeper.

Senior £2,000,000 25>31 25-30 3-7
1st Team £3,000,000 22>25 25-29 3-7
Academy £5,000,000 16-21 25-28 3-7

£500,000 per extra rating upto max 30 (depending on the age range scouted)
£100,000 per extra secondary up to a maximum of 12 extra on one or split between both, not 12 on each.
For goalkeepers no secondaries can be purchased but their rating can be increased by an extra point than the rating for an outfield player.
(Maximum rating of any secondary is 16 or 12 for passing on a defender)

If a manager wishes to sign any of these players then this should be posted similar to a transfer
but with sct (or Scout) as one of the teams and the appropriate fee must be paid.
A manager can sign 1 player under the age of 22 or 2 players over the age of 21 from one scouting list.


sct >> toh (Or Scout >> Tottenham)

Tottenham sign F_Simpson from a scouting mission for £40 million

It is always better to send players out on loan if possible but The Development League
is a league designed to develop stars of the future and provide games for players that aren't quite good enough for the first team.
Clubs are able to send players to this league to play games in a competitive environment and improve their skills.
Each club will be able to send up to 7 players under the age of 23 and rated 29 or less to the league but do not have to send all 7 if they don't want to.
In addition clubs can purchase extra places for players that are over 23.
There is no maximum rating limit and the cost will be £200,000 for every MAIN rating that the player has. For example a 32 rated player would cost £6,400,000.
Players sent to the development league must not be first team players (By first team we mean make their team's first 11 and 5 subs based on 442 formation).
No more than a total of 10 players can be sent to the development league by any one team.
This applies to ALL available development league slots.

In most cases players names are already set and cannot be altered but there may be occasions
when it is possible to name or re-name a player that is brought into your club.
This can happen for scouted players and certain players available from the free market.
These players will have an asterisk (*) at the beginning of their name and the manager is able to name the
player when confirming the transfer by adding a comment under the transfer confirmation.
Names can only be a maximum of 12 characters and must not include any spaces. You will also be allowed to change their nationality if you so wish.

fre >> toh (or FREE >> Tottenham)

Tottenham buy *J_Stoneman from the free market for £40,000,000

Rename to D_Waterman keep nationality as eng.

Finances will play a significant part of EFLO and will also need to be managed.
The first season will be slightly different to later seasons as the league is fairly new and will decide if any changes need to be made to this aspect of the game.

All new teams will start with £150,000,000.
Attendances will be made up as follows:

The finance link on your club page on the main website keeps a record of all the financial transactions of the club.
Transfer, Wages, Gates, Stadium Improvements, Press Releases, Prize Money, Sponsorship are all seen on this page.
This is one of the most important pages for you club, it helps you track how profitable your club is, so that you can plan accordingly or
make cuts in the playing staff to ensure you have funds for transfer and avoid going into debt.
These are updated each month with gate receipts, wages, prize money, sponsorship and income from facilities.
Clubs will need to pay wages to all of the players they have in their squad, including players on loan.
The wage is the weekly wage of the player and will be removed when finances are updated which is usualy at the end of every month.
The admin team will know how much each team is spending on wages and although you do not need to know it yourself wages are calculated in the following way:

    Goalkeepers        1,000 x Stopping skill + 25%
    Defenders, Midfielders    1,000 x Main skill + 500 x secondary skills
    Forwards        1,000 x Shooting skill + 25% + 500 x secondary skills

The wages will be £33,750 per week for P_Gazzaniga   28 arg   C 27  1  1  1 41 22 500 100 100 100 
                (1,000 x 27) + (25% of 27000)  = 27,000 + 6,750
The wages will be £26,500 per week for K_Wal'-Peters 23 eng  RL  1 24  3  2 42 27 100 500 300 100
                (1,000 x 24) + (500 x 5)  = 24,000 + 2,500
The wages will be £35,000 per week for E_Dier        26 eng   C  1 11 27  5 36 28 100 300 500 100
                (1,000 x 27) + (500 x 16) = 27,000 + 8,000
The wages will be £41,000 per week for Son_Heung-Min 27 kor  LC  1  2 10 28 38 21 100 100 300 500
                (1,000 x 28) + (25% of 28000) + (500 x 12) = 28,000 + 7,000 + 6,000


League Matches:
Basic 85%
There will also be a variance of upto 25% in addition to the above percentage.*
This means the that league matches will have a basic attendance of 20,000 with a 25% variance up or down
which means the minimum attendance would be 15,000 and the maximum 25,000.
(Based on 25,000 capacity).
*The variance will be influenced by things like opponent, league position, oppositions league position, team form, game importance and a random element.

Cup matches:
Attendance at cup matches will be influenced by the two teams involved but will generally be higher than those for league games.
An example would be if an UMBRO division team was playing at home to an ELITE division team then the attendance is likely to be near capacity.
Attendance for a cup match will never be less than 15,000 but is likely to be considerably more and could see a full capacity crowd in some matches.
WORLD CUP TROPHY attendance will have a similar formula to that of the league but there will be no variance downwards,
meaning the minimum attendance is 20,000. (Based on 25,000 capacity)

* Gates are shared 50-50

All clubs will need to pay maintenance for the upkeep of their ground, staffing and policing costs.
These costs are combined into one payment called Maintenance.
The maintenance charge will be:
ELITE DIVISION: 10 x Stadium Capacity (eg: 25,000 capacity = £250,000 maintenance)
ADIDAS DIVISION: 7 x Stadium Capacity (eg: 25,000 capacity = £175,000 maintenance)
NIKE and UMBRO DIVISIONS: 5 x Stadium Capacity (eg: 25,000 capacity = £125,000 maintenance)

All prize money is awarded at the end of the season that it apllies to.
Prize money is awarded as follows:
(Please note there will be no World Club Trophy in the first season)

1st £60,000,000 £45,000,000 £30,000,000
2nd £58,000,000 £43,000,000 £28,000,000
3rd £57,000,000 £40,000,000 £27,000,000
4th £55,000,000 £39,000,000 £26,000,000
5th £53,000,000 £38,000,000 £25,000,000
6th £52,000,000 £35,000,000 £23,000,000
7th £51,000,000 £34,000,000 £22,000,000
8th £50,000,000 £33,000,000 £21,000,000
9th £49,000,000 £32,000,000 £20,000,000
10th £48,000,000 £31,000,000 £19,000,000
11th £47,000,000 £28,000,000 £18,000,000
12th £45,000,000 £27,000,000 £17,000,000
13th £43,000,000 £26,000,000 £16,000,000
14th £42,000,000 £25,000,000 £15,000,000


Winner £30,000,000 £10,000,000 £5,000,000 £3,000,000
Runner-up £25,500,000 £7,500,000 £3,500,000 £1,500,000
Semi-Final £20,000,000 £5,000,000 £2,000,000 £1,000,000
Quarter-Final £15,000,000 £3,000,000 £1,000,000 £500,000
Last 16
£500,000 £250,000
(3rd Group) £1,500,000
£250,000 £150,000
(4th Group) £1,000,000
£100,000 £100,000

It is possible for a club to apply for a loan.
The loan can be used to pay wages, upgrade a stadium and pay maintenance costs but cannot be used for player purchases or to build a NEW stadium.
The current interest rate charged is 5% of the total loan and must be paid weekly whilst the loan is active and does not reduce the amount borrowed.
The total loan can be repayed at anytime by paying the outstanding balance of the loan plus 5%.
Part of the loan can also be repayed by paying an amount (in blocks of £5,000) plus 5% of this amount
and interest will continue to be charged on the remaining balance of the loan.

A club borrows £5,000,000.  The interest charge would be £250,000 a week (5% of £5,000,000) and the loan amount repayable would remain at £5,000,000.
To pay off the loan the club would have to pay £5,250,000. (£5,000,000 plus 5% of £5,000,000 which is £250,000)
If they wanted to pay £2,000,000 off the amount owing then they would need to pay £2,100,000. (£2,000,000 plus 5% of £2,000,000 which is £100,000)
and the amount outstanding would reduce to £3,000,000 with an interest charge of £150,000.

At the beginning of every season teams will be able to sign sponsorship deals to generate income either in a cash lump sum, weekly payments or both.
The sponsorship deals will come with conditions attached that will need to be met in order for all of the money to be paid.
Some conditions will be easily met whereas others may be a lot more difficult to reach.
The lump sums and weekly payments that are made to clubs will depend on the type of sponsorship deal you accept
and the different bonuses that are part of those agreements.
Clubs can be offered more than one sponsorship deal but can only accept ONE of the deals that are offered and once accepted
the agreement cannot be altered or cancelled until a new one is offered at the beginning of the following season.

Clubs will also be able to earn upto £3,000,000 per week through their manager producing media in the form
of match build ups, post match reactions, transfer news and general club press releases.
This will be awarded based on the number of posts (above a minimum word count) a manager makes, the length of those posts and the quality.
Copy and pasting, repetition, tables and stats on thier own will not qualify as part of the media reward.

Clubs should avoid going to debt if at all posible but will be allowed a little discretion in this matter.
Clubs will get a grace period of 3 weeks if they are in debt as long as the debt is less than £100 million pounds
but will be charged 15% of the debt amount per week as interest and will not be able to sign any players, even on loan.
If a team is in debt by more than £100 million or if a smaller debt is maintained for longer than 3 weeks then a player WILL
be sold to clear the debt immediately unless the manager has already agreed a way to rectify the situation.

Managers will have the option of developing their team's stadium in order to accomodate a larger number of supporters in their stadium for matches.
Regardless of stature ALL new teams in EFLO will start with a 30,000 capacity stadium with stands at level 1 and can extend this to a maximum of 100,000.
North and South stands (7,500 per level) run along the side of pitch and are slightly larger than East and West stands (5,000 per level) at each end of the stadium.
Expansions can only be made to one stand at a time and only one level at a time, except during pre-season when two stands can be worked on at the same time.
During the work on the stadium the capacity of the stand being worked on will be zero, reducing the overall stadium capacity until the work is completed.
Once the work is completed you will need to wait at least one week before starting further work.
If you decide to build a brand new stadium you will need to pay the whole amount up front, it will take longer to build,
cost more money than the equilivent expansion but will allow your stadium to operate at full capacity whilst it is being built.
Each level constructed will increase the capacity by either 7,500 (North and South stands) or 5,000 (East and West stands).


Stand Level North Stand (7,500) South Stand (7,500) East Stand (5,000) West Stand (5,000)
Level 2 £5,000,000 - 3 weeks £5,000,000 - 3 weeks £2,500,000 - 2 weeks £2,500,000 - 2 weeks
Level 3 £7,500,000 - 5 weeks £7,500,000 - 5 weeks £5,000,000 - 4 weeks £5,000,000 - 4 weeks
Level 5 £10,000,000 - 7 weeks £10,000,000 - 7 weeks £7,500,000 - 5 weeks £7,500,000 - 5 weeks

Brand new 50,000 stadium costs £70,000,000     - 16 weeks
Brand new 75,000 stadium costs £90,000,000     - 20 weeks
Brand new 100,000 stadium costs £120,000,000 - 26 weeks


Managers of the Season
At the end of the season all managers will vote via a forum poll for there divisional manager of the season, the
manager with the most votes after the poll is locked will win the award and 1000 ability points to be awarded to their club.


Top Scorer
At the end of each, season the player who scores the most goals in their division.
The winner of the Top Scorer receives 300 ability points to there main skill.

Top Keeper
At the end of each season to the goalkeeper who tops their division in saves.
The winner of the Top Keeper receives 300 ability points to there main skill.

Top Tackles
At the end of each season to the players with the most tackles in their division.
The winner of the Top Tackles receives 300 ability points to there main skill.

Top Assists
At the end of each season to the players who are top in their division in assists.
The winner of the Top Assists receives 300 ability points to there main skill.

Top Passer
At the end of each season to the players who are top in their division in passes.
The winner of the Top Passer receives 300 ability points to there main skill.

Top Chancer
At the end of each season to the players who are top in their division in shots on goal.
The winner of the Top Chancer receives 300 ability points to there main skill.

In EFLO we have slightly higher retirement ages than in
other ESMS games, League Players Will Retire At The Following Ages

Goalkeepers - 39 (players aged 38 will retire at the end of the season)
Defenders - 37 (players aged 36 will retire at the end of the season)
Midfielders - 37 (players aged 36 will retire at the end of the season)
Forwards - 37 (players aged 36 will retire at the end of the season)

All decisions made by the admin team regarding the running of EFLO will not be entered into
and will only be discussed if the admin team feel it is in the interests of the game.